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Metta Meditation and Compassion

In Metta meditation, we set our intention on love, kindness and compassion.

What can I say about compassion? Compassion is needed everywhere now. Compassion doesn’t make a lot of headlines. You cannot simultaneously sit in judgment and compassion. Compassion will not try to win your support or change your point of view. Compassion is the salve your inner wounds need. Metta meditation brings you into a sacred space. A space where you will see the world in a more positive light; with a deepened soul connection that opens you to see with the eyes of love. It creates harmony within you as you allow the energy of loving kindness and compassion to permeate you and then vibrate it out to others. Metta meditation unconditionally results in creating more of the high vibration of love on our planet.

Metta meditation is also an original Gautama Buddha meditation. It is said that the Buddha taught Metta meditation to a group of monks as a weapon of protection. Metta meditation melts the steel of anger, hostility and resentment. If you are interested in learning a 30 minute guided Womens’ Metta meditation click here. Metta meditation is also part of my Meditation 101 beginner’s course, which you can find here.

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