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Already Reiki certified? Learn more about Mikao Usui’s original Hatsurei Ho Reiki meditation with one on one Reiki coaching. This includes perception training to enhance a unified mind, body, and spirit, to increase Ki, and to hone your Reiki skillset. Upgrade your Reiki skills! Contact me to book your Reiki coaching.


Whether you have had some Reiki training and would like to refresh your practice or you just want to grow your energy healing skills to enhance your current Reiki practice I am here to help you! These Zoom sessions are custom designed to meet your needs and goals. Reiki perception training, Reiki meditations, and hands on practice with me are employed in my private coaching sessions. 


I LOVE teaching Reiki and I am so happy to offer these one on one private Reiki coaching sessions to you.


Package of three sessions: $188

What's Included:

  • a package of three, 50 minute intensive Reiki coaching sessions 

  • a customized coaching approach to meet your personal needs

  • one-on-one virtual practice

If you are ready to book, call or email me to discuss which times and dates will work best.


Thank you, 

Janet Young

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