Massage Therapy

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Deep Tissue Massage

This is effective because of its technique. Consisting of a slower, stronger massage that stimulates deep into the muscles. Deep tissue massage will noticeably loosen muscles, alleviate pain and increase mobility.

30 Min - $55 |  60 Min - $85|  90 Min - $120



Kriya Massage for Relaxation

A great option when dealing with the deplorable state of tiredness, burn-out, and emotional exhaustion. Kriya massage is sure to not only bring you the desired relaxation, but also make a positive contribution to the overall state of your health. This form of massage therapy is intended and focused on utilizing the natural energy within the body through spontaneous energy movement in harmony with the four universal forces.

30 Min - $50 |  60 Min - $85|  90 Min - $120


Restore Me Now Massage

A great massage for those with headaches or any aches and pains! The flow of this combination of  'Advanced Specialty' techniques is amazing! It caters to what your body and your energy field are needing at the time. It consists of Kriya or Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. This unique combination of Massage & Energy Medicine will ignite the body's natural healing response system, creating quicker and longer lasting results. 


 60 Min - $85  |  90 Min - $120 

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy the therapeutic effects of hot stone massage. The warm heated stones penetrate deep into the muscle loosening the deepest knots and provide maximum stress relief!


                                             60 Min- $90| 90 Min- $125

Essential Oil Supreme Massage

This supreme essential oil blend combines organic high quality full spectrum hemp extract and a 100% organic plant and flower essential oils. Powerful yet subtle it assists in alleviating pain, stress and anxiety and uplifting the spirit. Lavender, frankincense, or rosemary , you choose the aroma ! Some essential oils are super relaxing while others are detoxifying or uplifting . Hemp oil has numerous benefits that nourish skin health. It deeply moisturizes without clogging pores. It will eradicate sore muscles and condition your skin while soothing you into a peaceful state. High quality hemp oil contains gamma linolenic acid which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

30 Min - $60 | 60 Min - $90


Traveler's Special

This is a 45 minute massage focusing on relieving tension from the neck, back, shoulders and feet. 

45 Min - $60


Swedish Massage

Long gliding strokes knead and relieve muscle tissue. This massage will reduce stress while increasing flexibility and circulation.

30 Min - $55 | 60 Min - $85

Tranquil Balance

This massage consists of therapeutic massage with organic essential oil and Reiki to relax and balance the mind/body/spirit. This combination of body work and Reiki relieves muscle tension and leaves the client in a peaceful, relaxed space of tranquility. 


                                                      60 minutes - $85 | 90 Min - $120