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Advanced Massage Therapy

Try the new Restore and Receive massage for heart centered healing!

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I am licensed & certified in Massage, Reiki, Meditation, and Lymphatic Drainage



Featured Massage:  "The Works" Massage

With my 18 years of experience, you will feel renewed and restored after this massage session. Pick your choice of Reiki or Angel Reiki with Chakra Energy Balancing and Hot Stones with your therapeutic massage. This unique combination of Massage & Energy Medicine will ignite the body's natural healing response system, creating quicker and longer lasting results. 

 60 Min - $110

90 Min- $140

Neuromuscular Massage

This a deeper and slower massage involving alternating concentrated pressure to release trigger points.

60 Min - $110

 90 Min-$140

Restore and Receive 

One hour of advanced massage therapy to restore your body, followed by a guided heart chakra meditation where I will lead you into the land of your heart chakra to receive your unique gift and connect to your heart, allowing healing within. This is one hour and 45 minute session. You will feel better. $177

Cloud 9 

Experience 30 minutes of guided Anapana meditation, shifting you into higher consciousness and an alpha brain wave state. A state many describe as "floating". Then relax deeply with a 50 minute therapeutic massage designed to relieve muscle tension and stress. Shifting you into the restorative delta brain wave state.

90 Min - $140

Kriya Massage 

A great option when dealing with the deplorable state of tiredness, muscle tightness, and emotional exhaustion. Kriya massage is a medium pressured massage that flows in unison with the four forces. It is sure to not only bring you the desired relaxation and relief, but also make a positive contribution to the overall state of your health. 

50 Min - $95 | 90 Min - $140


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage, sometimes called 'manual lymphatic drainage', is a specialized medical massage requiring additional certification. It reduces swelling and fluid build up post surgery. The lymphatic system plays a role in the body's immune defenses. A lymphatic massage boosts the immune system, takes down bloating reduces toxins, and encourages lymphatic flow while increasing flexibility and circulation.

50 Min - $95 | 90 Min - $140

Anti-Aging Face Massage
Using ancient wisdom, plus organic reparative vitamin C serum. Smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating muscle tone with a rose quartz stone and ending with 10 min of Face Reiki for a truly enlightening experience. 

Please wear little or no make up to your appointment. Only gentle, organic, non-toxic products are used, but please do inform of any allergies when you book your session.

60 Min - $98

Anti-Aging Face Masage
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