Reiki & Chakra Therapies


Balance your emotions, reduce inflammation naturally, relieve anxiety and stress, feel restored and peaceful again with these transformative therapies !

Reiki Heart Therapy

This session includes 45 minutes of massage and 45 minutes of Chakra balancing with prominence given to the heart chakra. With the use of sound healing and Reiki positive energy is restored.                    

90 Min - $135



From the Japanese, Rei (higher power) and Ki (life force energy), also known as Qi in Chinese, Prana in Hindu, Mana in Hawaiian. Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing through direct application of Ki energy. It goes beyond the symptoms to treat the root causes on a multidimensional level. It boosts the immune system and brings the client into a deeply peaceful resting state. You may feel some tingling or heat from the energy. In the Life Force Energy of Reiki, the Reiki Master has undergone a series of attunements that have increased their ability to channel Ki. If you would like to try Reiki, I recommend the 30 minute session to start. If you are undergoing great stress or illness I recommend a longer Reiki session.

30 Min - $55 | 60 Min - $95

90 Min - $135

Chakra Balancing Massage

This is a Sound Healing Chakra Balancing Massage. It consists of 45 minutes of therapeutic massage with organic lavender oil and 45 minutes of Chakra Balancing to enhance your energy centers. Utilizing sacred sounds with tuning forks, this combination of body work and energy balancing generates a feeling of wholeness and well-being.

90 Min - $135


12 Chakra Animal Totem Reading Massage

This combines the healing power of Shamanic Reiki, a Chakra Reading, and a Kriya massage. This is a nurturing and sacred experience for Body, Mind and Soul. Following Shamanic tradition with the blessings of Animal Spirit Totems, this massage package includes a Chakra energy animal totem reading. In Shamanic tradition, animal totems appear to us to deliver a message that is of value to some aspect in our life. It is always helpful to the client when they explore the messages of these Animal Totems. This is a meditative massage requiring fasting on my part prior to the session and therefore requires a 24-48 hour notice when booking the appointment.

This dreamtime session includes an in depth follow-up email describing the meanings of your animal totems in your chakra energy centers along with the de-cording of any negative energy attachments draining your energy centers.
90 Min (includes a massage and a 2-4 page in depth reading of chakras as a follow up email which takes 6-8 hours to produce)
- $288





Chakra Balancing with
Ancient Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

These original sound frequencies were used in Gregorian Chants. Through sound, using tuning forks, these tones assist our energy channels and chakras to stay open, clear, and balanced. It, therefore, assists in the maintaining of health on the physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional levels. I use a combination of 6 different tuning forks in this session.

50 Minute Session