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What Are You Holding Space For?

The Vesica Piscis

Recently, while meditating, a certain geometry began to speak to me, saying that I should meditate inside of it, and that it would be a field empowerment.  As I was receiving this information, I saw that we are ALL within this sacred geometry right now and it has great significance to us at this pivotal time on earth. Within Sacred Geometry this shape is believed to be the origin of all other forms. It is known as the Vesica Piscis. You can see it in the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life has been found in the Pyramids in Egypt, and the Pitalkhora Buddhist temple in Maharashtra, India, which is traced back to the year 200-100 BC. It is also found in the Geometric Mosaic in Taormina – Sicily, 2nd century BC. and in many other sacred places across our world. 

When I was trained in Sound Healing in 2013, I learned an interesting fact about humans and the Vesica Piscis. We all know that conception begins when the sperm reaches the ovum. Basically, the head of the sperm forms a sphere, exactly the same size as the female pronucleus. These merge and create a Vesica Piscis. This is the portal through which life incarnates. We are experiencing a collective rebirthing. We are the conception energy. Therefore, what we bring into this portal that we are all in will manifest and incarnate as the New World. No wonder there are so many people alive on the planet right now; who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?  Your every thought, every emotion, and every conscious and unconscious action is creating what comes next for ALL. We have so much opportunity to be the ones who are the makers of a better world for all. Be brave and allow yourself to purge all of the lower level frequencies of fear, shame, lack and dis-ease that have created lifetimes of karmic loops, for the Good of All.  Become aware of the programmings that you are running within. Mediation is certainly a way to grasp these bare awarenesses, but there are other ways. Journaling, automatic writing, and various arts can access the subconscious. Do whatever brings you the necessary depth that raises your awareness. I recently became aware of a deep programming that much of humanity has and how it holds space for those who deem themselves as the ‘elite’ to oppress the masses. I realize this may not resonate with everyone, because it is such a deep programming, yet the illusion that it is does not serve humanity anymore. The programming I am talking about is 'gift programming'.

Let me explain it like this, we experience in physical reality what we hold space for within our Being.

We are all an infinite source of the Divine within. What we perceive or claim as our ‘gifts’ are actually facets of Divine energy flowing through us. When we claim these 'gifts' as our own…( I keep hearing the song I, Me, Mine here)… we instantly separate ourselves from Source energy. This also creates the space for elitism over others.

Gifts don’t really exist anyway, as the Divine energy flowing through us is existence itself. To be 'gifted’ is yet another illusion or programming that many are unconsciously holding space for. This is a form of elitism. In truth, we are all of equal immeasurable value. When we unconsciously hold the space for elitism, separateness, etc., then we are holding the space for all of those who see themselves as the “elite” to trash other humans. We are then holding the space collectively for all who deem themselves above others to treat some as less valuable. We hold the space for trafficking, human rights violations, etc. When in reality, we actually want all of those things to disappear! Yet, it’s like I said, we experience in physical reality what we hold space for within our Being. To change the reality of this world, we must look within and become aware of what we are actually holding space for, our deepest layers of programmings. 

Join us on Sunday and hold the space for Love with millions of others who will be in meditation at the same time world wide!

With Much Love,

Janet Young

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