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Arise Meditation Training Academy
Immense depths, Immeasurable heights

and experience true liberation

When it comes to meditation, you know what you want to achieve and where you want to be…but…

You are... 

ꕥ Lacking a daily practice

ꕥ Finding yourself distracted or getting lost in your thoughts

ꕥ Disappointed or frustrated in your results (or lack thereof)

ꕥ Struggling to reach a transformative meditative state

Did you know that these are common hindrances in meditation, and that Gautama Buddha addressed all of them within his teachings?

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I would like to introduce you to:

Arise Meditation Training Academy

A 3 month high-touch hybrid program that combines personal private Zoom trainings, guided transformative meditation teachings for enlightenment and more! 


This program is designed to empower you to cross the threshold from where you are to where you want to be.  During these 3 months you receive over 40 hours of private meditation instruction plus a handbook , audios and sacred teaching excerpts.

Over the 3 months You Will...

Breakthrough Meditation Limitations
Gain Momentum
Experience More Flow
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Discover the transformation that arises from original Buddhist meditations.

This program is specifically designed to help you grow and build momentum in your meditation skills and practice.

The effects of these teachings and your daily practice of them will spill over into your daily life, creating positive energetic flow.

Hello, I'm Janet Young

I’m happy to orchestrate guided meditations and teachings that help you overcome limitations in meditation, where you can learn meditation skills and how to neutralize a negative charge in your energy field or body, expand your psychic awareness, gain insight, and harmonize with your true self! This program is unique as my combined Meditation Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher background allows me to hold sacred space for you in a very visceral way, while I am simultaneously guiding you along this intensive, interactive, fulfilling, enlightening, and fun meditation journey! It is my calling and my honor to share these meditation teachings, skills, and practices with you!

As one who was experienced in psychic energy I started seeing into people’s chakras when I first began to practice Reiki over 17 years ago. Although, at the time, I didn’t fully understand why I was seeing a barking dog in someone’s solar plexus during a session. I then took classes in Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic practices and gained more insight into the Animal Spirit Totems. From there, I met my Spirit Guides and began working with them on a more regular basis. I also became a Certified Meditation Teacher.

I spent 17 years working in the ‘Healing Arts’, utilizing deep meditative states, providing and teaching Reiki, giving Shamanic Animal Totem Readings, Chakra Balancing, and Healings. Now I am offering you the chance to receive the many benefits of my learnings and reach your deep meditative state.

“Having previously worked with Janet through several energy journeys, I jumped at the opportunity to experience her 3 month meditation immersion. The course provided tremendous personal connection and support. I loved learning about the various types of meditation. I saved the information she shared with us and compiled it into a binder for further reflection to support my continued meditation practice. I am looking forward to taking another deep dive with her on this powerful healing journey.  The places I traveled in my energy fields is beyond explanation. I believe many deep layers of healing occurred.  I truly respect Janet and feel honored to be guided by her wisdom.”

Janice L.

Arise Meditation Training Academy 2022

Here's what you get in the program

  • Each month you will learn a new meditation. 

  • Live Zoom guided group meditations on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of every week.

  • Class time: Mornings are preferred, 8:00am (EST) or we can set a time that works around your schedule. Call or contact me to discuss what time works for you!

  • Unlimited email or text support from me (48 hr response time)

  • Saturday Deep Dives

    • These will be 90 minute intensive Zoom trainings where we will meditate, learn, and discuss sacred meditation teachings and/or excerpts that you received through the Arise Meditation Training Academy Portal. There will be one of these Saturday Deep Dives per month at 9am, 10 am or 3pm EST.

  • Practice audios, short videos, excerpts from master teachers and the official class handbook that I wrote myself are accessible to you for you to use at your convenience. These are located in the Arise Meditation Training Academy's program portal.

  • You will be asked to keep a meditation journal so you can record your progress and insights. You may use the journal sheets within the program's portal for you if you like.

Monthly Modules

۞ Month 1: Anapana & Vipassana – Anapana will allow you to attain a calm abiding which is needed to develop insight as we go deeper in Vipassana.

۞ Month 2: Metta Meditation – Includes combining Metta with Vipassana to neutralize karmic imprints and negative charges within you, growing your capacity for unconditional love for yourself and for humanity.

۞ Month 3: Twelve Chakra Journey Series – A series of guided meditations, journeying through your 12 chakra system.

In-Depth, Personal Training

۞  I am your personal accountability buddy.  We will dive in and practice together as I guide you every M/T/W and on the Sat. deep dives. Meditation as a daily practice is easy with me as your teacher, guide, and accountability buddy.

۞ After each Zoom guided meditation, we will have a few moments for

question, answer, & discussion time. 


۞ Downloadable meditation handbook

۞ Printable journal

۞ Sacred teaching excerpts for further study and reflection.

۞ Audio meditation recordings for your practice.

"From the first time that I had a session with Janet, I noticed a positive shift in my body. After meditating for years, it seems she was able to get me past the ‘hump’ & into a much more aligned state of being. Each energy session with Janet is so eye opening, that I am relatively changed each time! From her energy work, to helping me get past blocks, I have found her to be the realest soul whisperer and guide & someone that I refer people to over and over."

Laura A.

Guided Meditation & Chakra Balancing

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Ready to explore your immense depths and immeasurable heights? 

Sign up for
 this private one on one Arise Meditation Training Academy now and experience your own enlightenment.
Your investment:


Questions about the program? I'd love to give your more information! Book an explore more call and let's chat.


I invite you to come to your session/class/coaching with an open mind. For best results, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and where you feel comfortable. Allow yourself a little time before and after our time together for processing and integrating your session. All of my meditations, Chakra work, and Reiki teachings are from my heart to yours and genuine. Teachings, claims, writings, recordings, and workbooks are exclusively those of Janet Young, all rights reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted by any means electronic or otherwise. These sessions provide opportunity, guidance, and support for those who want to bring positive change, evolution, and enlightenment into their life. No commitments or statements are claimed for one’s personal growth. Experiences and benefits from participating in these coachings/sessions/classes are individual and unique; for it is only on an individual level with personal seeking and practice that changes can be made and truths revealed. All sales are final. If you are ill and find you cannot make your scheduled session time, a replay will be made available to you. Thank you!

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