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The Old World Is Gone, Or Is It?

   For centuries lack of value was placed upon certain individuals in society according to race or gender, it was a thing.

  Remnants of those times live buried deep within the subconscious of humanity. When one meditates using Vipassana or other means of healing, you unbury that which lay deep within. Particles of what was once believed, perceived or experienced begin to flow up and reveal to you what programs you have been running or perhaps what programs have been running you.

   Often I meditate before going to sleep at night. I invite in with intention “Healing Dreams”. Last night, I had an interesting dream. I dreamt that I was being married off as a young girl to a much much older man. In my dream, when it was time for me to walk forwards and be the beautiful young bride, I bolted instead; I got out of there. Left the scene with no money, not knowing where to go, nothing. Yet, I was free and ready to be unapologetically me.

   Where in my subconscious did this churn out from? When meditating before I fell asleep that night, I was meditating on “I am enough”.  Meditations of abundance, value and enoughness are BIG Age of Aquarius themes.

   These types of meditations stir up within us the subconscious patterns and programmings of value and maybe how we were or weren’t valued in this life or perhaps other lifetimes. In my family and many families throughout history, boys were valued more than girls. In my dream I freed myself from the Old World Ways. What occurred in my dream was not my actual life experience, yet the trace of the those times still laid deep within and for me had effected how I valued myself, unconsciously. 

   Often, young girls looks to their fathers when seeking validation. It’s not always found there. Everyone has the need to be valued. We must value ourselves. In days of old and still in some cultures, a young girl can be exchanged for a pig. Think about that, how would that impact one's sense of value? 

   When we ignite upon a spiritual practice like meditation or Reiki, we heal via releasing that within which was never really ours to begin with, and then, the True Self SHINES. Traditions that value one individual above another are not only outdated, they are begging to be released from the depths of humanities’ subconscious! 

   Commit to a spiritual practice like meditation or Reiki. Let the old out, make room for the new and improved. Do it for your highest good and the good of ALL. Unbury yourself. If you would like to invest in learning Reiki or Meditation with me, click the links below for current online and local classes.

Reiki I & II Local Class

With Much Love,

Janet Young

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