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Dragon Animal Spirit Totem in the Third Eye Chakra

I have done many animal spirit totem readings on chakra energy centers. This is one of my case studies. The third eye chakra (Ajna in Sanskrit) helps us to dive into the depths of our inner wisdom and examine any mind programs, attachments, behaviors, conditionings, or beliefs that we may be unaware of, that we are running, or that are running us. The sixth chakra is holistic in nature and when fully activated, both hemispheres of the brain function in synchrony. Our chakras are multi-dimensional and transcend duality. Our third eye chakra sees the deeper meanings of situations in life. When your third eye chakra is open, you see with understanding. The animal spirit totem that one of my clients had in this energy center was the dragon. An animal spirit totem appears in an energy center to bring a message of value, significance, and insight to the client. It shows up to be a support, lending a hand and contributing energetically. The Animal Spirit Totems are our allies. First, we look at the significance of the chakra it chose to show up in. This client had an animal spirit totem show up in their third eye chakra, so it spoke of what was going on in the depths of their unconscious at the time. To further understand the meaning, we look at what the contributing animal spirit energies are.

Mystical creatures, such as dragons, carry deep totem messages with them. Coming from another realm, a place of fantasy and lore that intersects with ours yet one we do not truly grasp, dragons have been known to be the protectors of castles. Dragons generate tremendous power and energy. As it was in the third eye chakra, it symbolized an awareness in their psyche of a situation, a situation in which they were feeling the need to block themself energetically or guard themself from. When a dragon shows up, it indicates you are utilizing greater strength. In Chinese culture, dragons are the ultimate power, reminding us to remember our primal power within and to use it. This totem had brought to the forefront the awareness that the client was purposely blocking something from happening as a means of protection. When I discussed this totem with the client, they immediately had a moment of realization into what they were blocking and why. Animal totem chakra readings can give the client insight into unconscious behaviors or emotions and allow them to gain clarity.

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