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Alex Young

Project Manager





500 Terry Francine Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

March 14th, 1984

A Bit About Me

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Work Experience

June 2025 - April 2026

Half  Day Mini Meditation Retreat

 You will raise your frequency in this class!!! What are you waiting for? 

Whether you’re brand new to meditation or interested in enhancing your practice, you will benefit from the commitment of a 1/2 day meditation retreat.


 This 4 hour class will help you slow down,  as you embrace stillness, and recharge your body and mind.


Give your body rest and recovery from the busyness of everyday life and let your consciousness rise. You will be immersed in a peaceful ,tranquil, and healing setting in the himallayna salt room where you will explore the YOUniverse within without distractions and with a certified meditation teacher.

3 hours of live guided meditation ( a 30 min. break after the first hour)  and 30 minutes of discussion time  available at the end (if needed).

 Class begins with Sacred Buddhists Meditations and ends with a Dimension 12 meditation-

the dimension 12 Medition Utilizes sacred geometry through your third eye chakra you will be guided in this meditation in how to cinnect with dimension 12 frequency and bring it into your bidy .. your biofiel and clearing partterns of distiortions that have been affecting you knwingly or unknwningly physically, mentally ,emotionally ..It is also know as the Pillar of Light meditation
Bring a meditation cushion or pillow. We will be sitting on healing salt...etc
June 22



July 2024 - May 2025

Beginners Meditation

You can learn to meditate!

Learn to go within with guided meditations designed for the beginning mediator. You will reap the many benefits of  establishing a mediation practice..(name them) 


With these meditation techniques, many people have learned to overcome the Monkey Mind so they can fully go within and YOU can too.

45  minutes $30

January 2023 - June 2024

Women and the moon

these meditations correspond with the current moon phase.

Includes integration of the emotional body

If you want to experience your eternal nature then you must stop being focused predominantly on the outside world 24/7 and  spend the time necessary in meditation and become aware of  what is in your aura.

First though one must know how to sense reversal codes so you can choose appropriately when traveling within your own field.

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